Wafula Lukorito

Name: Jones Wafula Lukorito

Profile: Full-stack developer

LinkedIn: Wafula Lukorito

GitHub: WafulaLukorito

Skills and Technologies


Python, JavaScript, Java, PHP, C#, R


React, Django, Bootstrap, Headless WordPress, Three.js


SQL, Sass, HTML, CSS, HTML5 Canvas


Web Development, Game Development, E-Commerce site development, Mobile Development, Database Management, Sentiment Analysis, Natural Language Processing, Technical Writing

About me

I am an engineer with a strong Computer Science foundation with practical experience in full-stack web design, building and maintaining REST APIs, creating Django and PHP backends, and designing educational JavaScript games.

I boast of close to 3 years of experience building company websites and a personal e-commerce website with over 50,000 monthly visitors as well as an internship with an American retail company.

As a former journalist with years of experience in the newsroom, I possess the necessary skills to assimilate well within teams and foster a collaborative work atmosphere by applying empathic communication skills. Working across international boundaries has equipped me with the ability to navigate diverse cultures.

Portfolio Projects

In addition to professional experience, here are a few projects I've worked on on a personal capacity.


At TechSavannah, I write about Africa's tech scene and my personal journey.

Tech Career Tips


Years ago, I switched my career to tech & started learning code. However, I took many years to be professionally proficient in code & wasted so much time! If I knew what I know now, my journey would’ve been so much easier! Here’s how I’d learn to code if I could start over:🧵 1. […]

Tech Events

PyconKe: Are Tech Events in Kenya Worth it?

Kenya’s tech is more driven by a straight-jacket form of utility that allows little innovation. In other words, we only build tech that has been tried and tested over the years such e-commerce websites, school management systems, CRM systems, etc. Thus, battle-tested languages such as Java, PHP and C++ are usually employers’ go-to.

Coding Byte

Graphs: Understanding Kruskal’s Algorithm

Kruskal’s algorithm is used to find a minimum spanning forest or tree in an undirected graphs and connected graphs respectively. For graphs, minimum spanning trees are a subset of edges that form a tree which include all vertices, where the sum of all edges is kept to the smallest number possible.

Coding Byte

Dynamic Programming: Knapsack Problem

In the knapsack problem, a thief is filling up their knapsack with items that weigh differently and have various weights. The thief must design an algorithm that will help them determine what combination of items to carry that have maximum value without breaking their knapsack that can only hold up to limited weight.